Can I tell you how I feel?

Travis and I are a couple of weeks away from our move to Tennessee, and as we get closer, my heart is beginning to ache.  Only when I let it.  Most times, I try not to dwell.  There will be time for tears later.  But for the time being, can I just say something  to all of you girls who have been in my life since moving to the Treasure Coast?  You will know who you are… just read.  Disclaimer:  It is about to get mega-corny.  And I don’t care because I need to have an outlet for my cheesy-mushy feelings.  So suck it up, sisters, and read on!!!

I will miss all of you.  I know I’m not going away forever, and family will continue to bring me back for visits.  But I need to be real.  Honest.  I know that you will move on… I know that we won’t remain close friends, but rather “old friends”.  That’s okay.  I will see the pictures on Facebook where you are spending time together, taking selfies, and going to each others’ kids’ birthday parties.  I won’t be there.  I won’t be invited.  Because I will be a friend who used to live in Florida.  I will be spending time with new friends, new faces.  “Mom dating” once again.  While all of you grow closer and closer, we will drift apart.  And that’s okay.

But can I just say something?  Before I move on… before our friendship shifts out of the present and into the past…  Thank you.  Thank you to each of you who has loved me and my family.  Each and every one who has reached out and shown generosity with your time and your love, thank you.  Those of you who have listened without judgement as I griped about my tough days with my boys.  Those who have encouraged me toward Godliness, better motherhood, and health.  Those who have uplifted me when I felt low or worthless.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being there for me.

I grew very close to some of you.  Some of us were moving in that direction, but it was too late.  And others were passing ships.  No matter.  Thank you to each of you who has played a role in shaping who I am as a mother, wife, and Christian today.  Whether you were someone who contributed one time to my life or someone who regularly poured into me and filled my cup, God has used you to shape me.  I am so grateful.

So with every “like” on Facebook, with every delighted comment I post on your social media lives or text message, I will be wiping away some tears that I cannot be in the middle of the fun, beautiful, chaos that has developed in our circles over these past few years.  Although it won’t ever be the same, I want to stay connected with each of you and continue to cheer you on through every milestone.  From a distance or right in the thick of it, I hope to continue loving each of you ladies who have been God-given influences in my life.

Okay, okay.  Time to sum this cheese-fest up:

I love you.  I will miss you.  Thank you.


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