I was reading Psalm 7 today, and these verses stood out to me.  I would like to share:

“Oh, let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end, but establish the just; for the righteous God tests the hearts and minds.  My defense is of God, Who saves the upright in heart.”  Psalm 7:9-10

I thought this verse was so important.  “God tests the hearts and minds…”  So often as moms, we make mistakes even though we have the best intentions; or we do something that on the surface looks great, but we don’t have the best intentions.

How often do we make a meal that is healthy and nutritious only to receive scowls back at us?  The whole thing may blow up into a fit of yelling, timeouts, and tears.  God sees your heart, Momma.  He knows that you were doing your best to feed your children something healthy- putting forth effort to this whole mothering thing.  It blew up.  Mistakes were made.  Apologize and move on.  Forgive others and yourself.  God sees you and your intentions.

On the flip side, He sees when you begrudgingly clean the house, replaying a destructive thought pattern in your head, “No one is going to care.  No one give a crud whether or not I clean this house.  My ungrateful children will destroy it in two seconds and my husband won’t even notice the clean floors!  What’s the point?”  You’ve done a valiant, inherently good thing that would normally glorify God, but He sees your heart, Momma.  Better to not even clean the house rather than do it with bitter intentions and thoughts.

I encourage you to be intentional today.  Think before you act.  Forgive for the things that were done with a good heart but blew up in your face, and face the truth of your wrong intentions for things that are good and have great potential for pleasing and glorifying the Lord.  Be the “upright in heart”.  God sees your heart- let that be a comfort and a conviction to you today.


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